Is there a bottleneck that is slowing you down? Do you have a report that takes ages to pull together every week? Do you have information in one system that needs to be replicated elsewhere? Craft-e can help. can provide a full set of business information services to make your life easier and your business more efficient. Is there something you would like to do but not sure how to do it? Then get in touch for a free consultation. Below are a few of the main ways we can help.


Reporting is vital to any business. All the information is out there but now you need to get it into a format that makes sense. We can help at all stages of the reporting process from gathering the information to processing and displaying the results. more...

Data modelling & forecasting

We have been involved in a number of projects where the client wants to model the effect of different scenarios on the business. This involves modelling the relevant parts of the business (usually in Excel) and providing the client with the ability to vary the interesting inputs to see what the outcomes will be. more...

Excel & Office automation

Craft-e has extensive experience of leveraging Office software. All your employees already have it on their machines and it has powerful programming, input and reporting capabilities built in. more...

Data consolidation

Is your data spread across peoples' in-boxes, spreadsheets, multiple databases? We can find it and get it straight no matter where it is. more...


It's not all spreadsheets and databases here. We have been doing some fun work with 3d modelling for advertising and events companies. more...


Below are some short (about 2 to 3 minute) video overviews of some of the work we have done. Choose a subject on the left to show just the videos that are relevant, along with a description of why they are relevant.

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Craft-e has revolutionised the way we manage our work and deliver to our clients. Rather than assessments being kept in the boots of cars they are now uploaded every night and our clients, who are household names in the automotive industry, can run their own real time reports on their apprentices' progress. And that is only a small example of how they have streamlined our business.

We can now focus on what we do best - delivering world class training and assessment.

Fantastic.      - Julian Lloyd, Director of ProVQ
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