BUSINESS CLARITY has a platform and a set of tools to rapidly deliver intuitive, rich, fully fledged business applications anywhere at an unmatched price.
Technology has changed a lot over the last few years. Fully fledged business applications are delivered straight to the users browswer meaning they can be accessed anywhere without having to install anything. has been working in this area for the past seven years and has developed a platform and set of tools that can model the data and work flows of a business or department and deliver the functionality extremely rapidly and efficiently.


At the heart of the platform are web-forms. They are so flexible infact that every page is a web-form. They are used to gather information as well as display it. Some of the features of the forms are:

  • Automatic saving: information entered is saved as soon as it is entered. This makes sure that nothing is lost and users don't continually have click "save"
  • Active content: the information presented can be modified when the form is presented and as the form is being used. This cuts down on clutter on the screen and makes applications more user friendly.
  • Automatic validation: information entered on the form is checked as it is entered to make sure it makes sense and conforms to the business rules. Cutting down mistakes when information is entered saves a lot of time later.
  • Form views: a data entry form can have a "print view" that changes the text input boxes into layout text. It can also get rid of sections that weren't used or weren't relevant. This makes the submitted or printed views of the form more professional, legible and concise.
  • Access controlled: the ability to view or edit fields on a form can be restricted depending on who is logged into the system and what access privileges they have.


Workflow means routing information and jobs to the right person at the right time. Each user has their own workflow list that shows their outstanding jobs. As events happen in the system jobs are created or removed from the list. Clicking on the job takes them straight to the record that needs attention. All the information relevant to the job is in one place. more...

Location information is built into the system so that records can be sorted, reported or displayed depending on location. more...

Cloud services

Because the system is hosted on our secure servers and is accessible using standard web browsers it is accessible everywhere. This means that, if desired, clients and agents can be given secure access to parts of the system that are relevant to them. This, in turn, allows them to maintain their own data and run their own reports allowing you to reduce your workload and reduce errors. Also, since we host and maintain the system you don't need to buy servers and bandwidth and you don't need to hire people to maintain and service it. It just works. more...


Having workflow and a centralised database of information means that everyone is seeing the most up to date information at any time. Couple this with information flowing in from, and out to, your website(s) and agents and clients means you can act nimbly and with certainty. more...

Data maintenance

Data maintenance is one of the basic foundations on which an efficient organisation is based. A mistake in the system takes 100 times as much effort to identify, un-pick and put right than it does to get it right in the first place. Trying to respond and pick up the pieces after the event not only takes time from delivering the high value tasks your employees were hired to do, it also saps morale. There are three core principles that craft-e builds into their Business Clarity solutions. These are:

  • Offload: pushing data maintenance out to the "owner" of the information is one of the best ways to save time and money. Rather than information flowing into your organisation via phone, email etc., having to find the relevant record and then re-key or copy information into your system, the data is maintained by someone else saving the effort and reducing errors.
  • Business logic: if it can be calculated or validated then get the system to do it. It has been our experience that people are notoriously bad at maintaining data. Examples follow up meetings where the year is out by 1 or final meetings that are scheduled before preliminary meetings. A lot of information flows from events happening and are simple calculations. Much information can also be sanity checked to make sure it makes sense.
  • Double check: information can be re-presented in different ways, or to different people to provide sanity checking. An example of this would be candidates reviewing the information held on record when they come in for induction. Also, asking the other party to confirm their information makes them partially responsible for its accuracy.

Off and on line

Users don't necessarily always have a reliable internet connection. The Business Clarity platform can be set up so employees have local versions of the software running that gets synchronised when a connection is available. It can also be configured to automatically receive information via email. more...


The Business Clarity platform has the ability to do document merges so Microsoft Word documents can be created seamlessly from records held in the database. Documents can also be uploaded and stored on the business records and modified. more...

Audit trail

All events that happen to the business' information held within a Business Clarity solution is audited so any changes can be traced back to who did them and when. more...


Below are some short (about 2 to 3 minute) video overviews of some of the work we have done. Choose a subject on the left to show just the videos that are relevant, along with a description of why they are relevant.

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Craft-e has revolutionised the way we manage our work and deliver to our clients. Rather than assessments being kept in the boots of cars they are now uploaded every night and our clients, who are household names in the automotive industry, can run their own real time reports on their apprentices' progress. And that is only a small example of how they have streamlined our business.

We can now focus on what we do best - delivering world class training and assessment.

Fantastic.      - Julian Lloyd, Director of ProVQ
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